Firebind 14-day Free Trial

For immediate access, click here to register and a trial invitation will be emailed to you instantly.


Or, if you’d prefer not to provide a credit card at this time, please email from a business email address and provide your name, company name, and country and you’ll receive an invitation within 1 business day or sooner. Trial requests from free email providers such as gmail, yahoo, and hotmail will not be processed.


The Firebind free trial is 14 days and includes a license for 3 agents that can be deployed anywhere. Each agent can perform 11 unique measurements every 5 minutes, generating 3,168 data points per day, or up to 133,000 measurements for the 3 agents during the trial period.


Are you trying to test if a firewall is blocking your ports? If so visit our legacy SpeedSight offering.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you offer two options to start a trial?


There is no other offering like Firebind that provides the same in-depth level of ISP network quality visibility and can be deployed to just about any location in a few minutes.  Due to the significant infrastructure we maintain to provide those 100k+ measurements during the trial, it’s critical to our entire user base that we employ measures to reduce fraud and abuse by trial users who would never plan to become a customer.


By providing a credit card or by emailing us your contact info from a business email address, that demonstrates a level of commitment that makes it worthwhile for us to extend a trial offer, and it saves us time, resources, and money that can be better spent delivering top-flight service and new features.


How does the trial work if I provide a credit card?


Your 14-day trial is 100% free and your card won’t be charged if you cancel before the trial expires.


If you click on the link to use your credit card to start the trial, you’ll be asked for your name, company name, country, email address, and credit card info. Once you submit the form you’ll receive an email inviting you to create a password and then to login to Firebind. All features will be immediately available to you.


Before the trial is over you’ll have the option to cancel the trial and close your account, or subscribe to any number of agents on a monthly or annual basis. To avoid any service interruptions if you don’t cancel your trial or actively convert your trial to a paid subscription, Firebind will automatically convert you to a monthly paid plan for a single agent.