Trying to find your security policy weaknesses before the bad guys do?

Firebind continuously tests your on-prem or cloud firewall, IPS/IDS, DLP and other rules around-the-clock, alerting you to holes in your defenses before they can be exploited

Continuous Security Controls Testing
In 3 Easy Steps

[1] Deploy An agent

Install on bare metal or in a virtual environment including Windows, macOS, Linux, or even ARM including Rasberry Pi

[2] Select a payload

Select from our extensive payload library of sample PII (e.g. CC & SS numbers) and malware, or create your own payload

[3] choose your ports

Send your payload  over any or all of the 64k TCP and UDP ports and receive alarms if Firebind can breach your security device

Continuous and Empirical Testing

Unique Approach

Quickly send custom Payloads via real Packets on any or all TCP/UDP Ports and receive alarms if policies are breached

Continuous Compliance

Point, Click, Validate!

Put away your command line tools and use Firebind Recon to create a security policy compliance audit trail at your desired intervals (daily, weekly, monthly)

Give Your Security Policies a Workout

  • New Snort rule to test?
  • Need to update an access control list on your router?
  • Would you like to test PII exfiltration through your DLP?
  • Want to confirm all egress firewall rules?

Firebind Recon Trial Request

Click on the link below to request a Firebind Recon trial and you

 will be contacted within a few hours.